Trusting God’s Timing

images     For years, I’ve been the girl who was frustrated by everyone’s good intentions when it came to my singleness.  “You’re still young; don’t rush it” or “It’ll happen when the time is right” or “Trust God, He’s got it all under control.”  I thought that these people just didn’t remember what it was like to be single.  They were in a great relationship or were happily married and it’d been too long since they’d be alone.  They couldn’t relate.  They didn’t understand.

     But I think I get it now.  I’ve been in a relationship for a little over two months now and if I had the chance, I think I’d offer a lot of the same advice that I used to detest.  I really was too young and the timing wasn’t right.  I definitely wasn’t ready to be in a relationship two years ago, let alone six months ago.  I’ve changed and matured so much that some days I feel like such a different person than when I moved here from New York two and a half years ago.

I am so happy that God is in control and not me.  When I found out two and a half years ago that we were moving from our little country house in New York to a suburb of Dallas, I was mad at my parents.  I didn’t want to move.  I had a small circle of close friends.  I was happy.  When we finally got to Texas, I knew that as soon as I was financially able to take care of myself, I was going to move back to New York.  But, now, I can see a little bit more of that big picture that everyone is always talking about.  If I’d stayed in New York or if I’d moved back like I wanted to, not only would I not have made some of the amazing friends that I have today but I would not be in this wonderful relationship with a great guy.

It may not feel like it but I can honestly say that there’s a reason for waiting.  If it’s not you that God’s preparing, maybe it’s the guy that God’s working on.  Keep trusting.

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