What My Heart Wants

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Psalm 23.  A popular passage.

I’ve had it memorized for years.  Been able to quote it since I was 5.  It’s funny how those passages you’ve grown up reciting usually take the longest to sink in and mean something.

Verse One for instance: “The Lord is my Shepherd.  I shall not want.”  Wow.  Gut punch.  Why should I not want?  Answer: Because the Lord is my Shepherd.

But I’m still wanting.  I want everyone to like me.  I want my opinion to be valued.  I want to find true love.  I want to get good grades.  I want to be prettier, thinner, smarter, funnier.  I want nicer clothes, new shoes.  I want more money.  I want my dreams to come true.  What is that whole list telling me?  That the Lord is not my Shepherd.  I’m not letting Him guide me.  I’m not letting His ways control my life.  Because if He was truly my Shepherd, there would be only one item on that list: the Lord.  He alone can fill my every desire, my every longing.  He truly satisfies.  Fills the cup of my wants to overflowing so that there is no room, not even a milliliter, left for me to be wanting something that this world has to offer.

Another version of verse one says: “I lack nothing.”  In the world’s eyes, we may lack everything–the biggest house, the newest phone, the highest salary, a significant other.  But in God’s eyes, you don’t just have everything you need (eternal life) but also everything you could ever want (in Jesus).

Is your heart hidden in Jesus?

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