Why Are We Still Searching?


3 things people.

I can think of 3 things that everyone my age (myself included) is searching for right now:

  1. I want to find my purpose in life
  2. I want to be happy
  3. I want to have fun

We want our lives to be worth something so we search for the meaning for our birth, the reason for our existence.  We study hard so we can get good grades so we can get a diploma and maybe even a scholarship so we can go to college and eventually get a good job so we can buy a house, pay the bills, and start our life.  But is that what life’s all about?

We also want to be happy.  We have dreams for our future that we want to see fulfilled.  We have desires that we hope will align with our destiny.  But will having all that we want, all that we hope for, make us happy?

And we want to have fun.  This is the time to live it up.  Experience life.  After all, you only live once.  But will hanging out with friends or being adventurous or spending all our money on the newest gadgets satisfy our longing for pleasure?

3 questions.  One answer:

Psalm 16:11

Part I: “You make known to me the path of life.”  We search for purpose but God has already made it abundantly clear.  And guess where that path leads us?  You got it.  Straight to Him.  He gives us purpose.  He is the reason for our existence

Part II: “You will fill me with joy in Your presence.”  FILL.  This is complete joy.  Not halfway full but to the tippy top.  And when do we experience this joy?  When we spend time with Him, when we are in His presence.

Part III: “With eternal pleasures at your right hand.”  These aren’t temporary.  These won’t fade.  Hanging out with friends brings a fleeting form of pleasure.  Sitting next to God?  Eternal.

Where’s your mindset?  In the here and now?

Mine’s in the forever.

One comment

  1. Jenna Regan · December 10, 2015

    Beautifully said! There was a season in my life where I was asking all those questions, and many more. Psalms 16:11 was the exact verse that HaShem brought to my attention multiple times in a day for a few weeks… through blogs, books, friends etc.

    Truly, He does show us the path of LIFE and it is full of JOY!


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