Keep Shining. Keep Smiling.

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I recently wrote a post about random acts of kindness ( ).  I’ve had my share of friendly, wonderful people who have made me smile with a word or a kind gesture.  But the other day, one older gentleman outshone them all.

I was walking out of a store, rummaging through my tiny purse trying to find my keys beneath the gum and chapstick, pens and lipgloss.  That’s when he stopped me.  “You have beautiful eyes.  Keep smiling.  And keep shining.  I know that God is in you.”  I was momentarily taken aback.  “You’re right,” I finally managed to say and my hand went to my heart.  He just smiled and added, “I know.  That’s what makes you so beautiful.”

I hadn’t said a word.  I wasn’t wearing a Christian t-shirt or a cross necklace.  But somehow he knew.  I’d always felt that I didn’t shine as brightly as some people around me.  I’ve never been as bold as I should be to share my faith publicly.  I’m not the person who hands out tracts or evangelizes at every street corner.  But God used my smile to show His love.

St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”  Does the light of Jesus’ love shine in your eyes?  Is your joy evident in your smile?  Are you shining in your actions as well as your words?

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