Christ My Life


I was at a Bible study where we were studying “Seeking the Lord.” One of the verses we read was Colossians 3:4- “When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.”
The teacher moved on but my mind stayed behind. Christ is my life. Wow. Without Him, I’d be dead. Physically because my heart would not beat without his omnipotence. And spiritually because without His sacrifice I would not receive the gift of eternal life.
I sat there stunned momentarily. These were truths that I’d heard my whole life but it struck me hard that night. Perhaps it hit home because the past few weeks I had begun to feel that the importance of my life would be determined by something I decided to do. If I went to college, my life would be defined by a degree. If I got a good job, my career or my salary would be the description matched with my name.
Or perhaps this verse touched my heart because my number one dream of getting married had not been fulfilled and there were many days I felt desperately lonely. My future husband, my dream house, the kiddos I wanted to have—these filled my thoughts and described what I wanted my life to look like.
Or perhaps it was because I had begun to compare aspects of my life with those around me. Whether it was a part of my personality or an aspect of my appearance, I would often let comparisons control my life as I tried to be someone that I was not.
Whatever the reason, God used Colossians 3:4 in a mighty way that night. I had been trying to fill an emptiness inside of me with whatever object or person was closest at the moment. When really Christ was the only one that would ever satisfy that longing. I could try to stuff boys or marriage, a degree or a career, style or intelligence into that void but it would be like trying to put a puzzle piece in the wrong place. I could try as hard as I liked but it would never fit right. It would never complete the picture on the box. Without Christ as my number one love I would never feel complete. My life would always feel meaningless because IT’S NOT MY LIFE. It’s His. I belong to Him and therefore I should be living like it. Every day in every way it should be my aim to glorify Christ. Every second I’m awake should be devoted to serving Him and furthering His kingdom. But too often self gets in the way. What do I want? What do I feel like doing? Instead of, what would please God fully in this situation?
I don’t like being controlled so there have been moments in the past when I get frustrated because I feel like, “this is my life I should be able to live it however I want. No one can tell me what to do or how to act.” But, really, it’s not even my life. And that makes it so much easier to follow God. To realize I wouldn’t be here in the first place if it wasn’t for Him. He doesn’t just get my decisions. My actions. My words. He gets my everything. My every step. My every thought. My past. My present. And my future.
Let’s live like He’s our life.

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