Pray For Your Future Husband



 If God has destined you to one day be married, then your future husband is out there somewhere—right at this very moment. Isn’t that something? You may not yet know who your future husband will be, but at this very moment he’s living and breathing. He could be on a ranch in Texas, in a Starbucks in Michigan, working at a Christian camp in New York, or going to college in Missouri. He could be attending classes at the Dallas Theological Seminary, he could be an intern pastor at a church in Mississippi, he could be in Alabama working at Burger King’s, or he could be a farmer from Pennsylvania. You may never have met your future husband but he’s out there . . . somewhere.

     There are so many different ways that you can pray for this special man that you will one day fall in love with. Pray that God continues to grow your future husband into the likeness of Christ. Pray that God protects him and holds him tightly in the palm of His hand. Pray that God gives him the strength to save himself for you. Pray that he pursues whatever God is calling him to do. Pray for his physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Pray that he is continuing to become the man that God wants him to be. Pray that he falls in love with God’s Word and meditates on it.

Many of us know that when we marry it will be to a man who is a strong Christian who shares our beliefs. But we too often overlook that HE MAY NOT BE A CHRISTIAN YET. Right now, as you read these words, your husband may be searching for truth. Pray for him. Pray that God brings the right people into his life to bring him to a saving knowledge, if he doesn’t already have one.

I know it may be hard to start out. It may feel awkward at first—praying for someone you don’t even know. But it gets easier in time and I have found that lifting him up in prayer makes me feel closer to him even though I don’t even know his name. I find that it’s easier for me to express myself through pen and paper and so I actually keep a journal of my prayers for him. Here is one from that journal:

“Dear God,

. . . I pray that my husband does less and loves more. I pray he does not live a busy or hectic life but instead one of selfless love and service. I pray he is not concerned with his own comfort—propping up his feet as he lounges lazily—instead, show him others’ feet that need washing. I pray his love is not just shown through words but also through actions. I pray that this love is not a self-love but a love of and for You, poured out and proven by his life. I pray that he understands the importance of love—that without it his accomplishments mean nothing, they lose value, and are empty, vain, and meaningless. Instead of seeking prestige, help him to seek You. Help him to understand that fame in this world is not what is important—living a legacy for You is. . .

I pray that his life is not described by his accomplishments—what he is doing—but what You are doing through him. Help him understand that this life is not about him but about You. I pray that his treasure is not of this world but of You. I pray that his eyes are not fixed on himself but on You. . . I pray that his every thought, his every action, and his every step are all pleasing to You. I pray that he shines so brightly with Your love that others can easily see You evident in his life. I pray that his life is marked and characterized by a heavenly love. I pray that his life is not about what he can get but about what he can give. I pray that he is not focused on taking in but pouring out. I pray that his heart is not cold or hardened or closed but warm and softened and open. . .

I pray that Your hand is obvious in his life. I pray that his every step is determined by asking if it is something You would do. Help his life not be full of deeds of darkness—instead help him to live like a child of the light. Help him revere You so greatly that he understands that You—the One who matters most—are always watching. . .

I pray that he surrenders all of his life and all of himself to You. I pray that his feet follow You wherever You lead. I pray that his hands are always ready to serve You. I pray he understands what he does “for the least of these” he is actually doing all of it for You. . .

God, I’m waiting for a big, strong man of You. I’m sure this world feels that this man of mine does not exist. But I’m waiting for You to bring this guy into the picture and prove otherwise—defying their beliefs and expectations. . . I’m confident that You didn’t mess up with this dude of Yours—I just know he’s going to be totally awesome. And I’m just tickled pink because one day, I’m not only going to meet him. . . I’m going to marry him!”

And one other example:

Dear God,

I pray not that You give me a man who will complement my weaknesses, but a man whose personality will challenge me to growth. I pray not that You give me a man who will never butt heads with me, a man whose personality will never clash with mine but for a man who will stay by my side even though it will not always be easy, a man who always points me to You, and a man who encourages me to pursue sanctification. I pray not for a man who will fulfill my will and desires but one who will fulfill Yours. . . I pray not for a man who will give me pearls, red roses, or chocolates “just because” but a man who will love me always “just because.” I pray not for a man who will buy me an expensive diamond ring but a man who will give me something more valuable than all the riches in the world, something I will treasure more than the largest diamond on earth, something I long for more than all the gold money can buy: his heart. . .”

Girls, please don’t think of this as a small thing.  Praying for him is HUGE.  James 5:16b reminds us that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

     Dannah Gresh, in her book “And the Bride Wore White,” shares a story about a woman named Dolores Cummins: “The air was cold that December night. Church bells reminded us to pray for boys trapped in the Battle of the Bulge. I was 15, but I remember hearing a voice saying, ‘Your future husband is in that battle—pray!’ A year later, I met my Robert. We started dating, and later we married. To my amazement, he related his experience of lying facedown in a beet field during that battle. The Germans bayoneted nearly all of his fellow soldiers, but they simply stepped over him, sparing his life.”

     You do not understand how greatly God can use your prayers for His glory. I highly recommend Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer’s book entitled “Praying for Your Future Husband” for more ideas on how to pray and also for more testimonies on the power of prayer.


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